Outdoor Boilers

City of Lastrup


SECTION 1. Definitions

OUTDOOR BOILERS          A freestanding combustion unit located outside the home or structure to be heated that consists of a firebox surrounded by a reservoir.


SECTION 2.  Outdoor Boilers

  1. The purpose of this subdivision is to establish minimum standards for the placement and safe use of outdoor boilers.
  2. Outdoor boilers are permitted, but must meet the requirements of this section.
  3. Outdoor boilers permitted in other zoning districts must:
    1. be installed on a lot in area of 5 acres or more;
    2. be set back from the nearest property line by at least 200 feet;
    3. burn only firewood or untreated lumber, no other biomass material is allowable;
    4. be operated only between the days of October 1st and May 1st;
    5. be equipped with a properly functioning spark arrester; and
    6. the chimney shall extend a minimum of at least 15 feet above the ground surface, but shall also extend at least as high as the height of the roofs of residents within 500 feet.
  4. All outdoor boilers will require a conditional use permit before they are constructed.

SECTION 3.  This ordinance shall be in full force and effect, seven (7) days after its passage and with its publication.


Approved on December 14th, 2006


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