Monthly meeting of the City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Kay Hoheisel.  Other members present were Diane Schmidtz - Treasurer and Council Members Ted Hoheisel and Amy Fischer.  Roberta Gross and Jackie Zehowski were absent.  Daniel Stich from Buschwackers was also present, to present bill and give an update on lawn cutting. 

Minutes of the last meeting were read.  Motion by Amy, 2nd by Ted to accept.  Motion carried.  Treasurer’s report: Checking account $37,278.29.  Motion by Ted, 2nd by Amy to accept.  Motion carried.

Motion by Amy, 2nd by Ted to pay monthly bills.  Motion carried.

4478 - Pierz Sanitation
         October  hauling 47 households    $622.49
4479 - Minnesota Power & Light
                   Street lights   $424.50
                   City Hall            11.94
                   Ballpark            15.92
               Christmas Lights  11.94            $464.30

4480 - CNA Surety - Treasurer’s bond    $100.00
4481 - Bushwackers, Inc.
             Lawn mowing through 9/19/16   $795.00

E.C.M. Publishers #4474 in the amount of $35.75 was voided - duplicate payment.

Tri-City will not be doing roads until next spring.  They did patchwork by Betty Sherry’s which Ted said we are not paying for as it wasn’t part of the quote.  If prices go up next year, they are to honor this year’s quote.  If prices go down, they have to requote it.

Torrey Boser build small shed, now added deck - needs permit. 
Richard Held shingled roof September 21st and 22nd - needed permit.

Motion by Ted, 2nd by Amy to adjourn at 7:55 p.m.  Motion carried.

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